RoboDo Mission robots world for children Robotics, coding, algorithms…

RoboDo Mission robots world for children

RoboDo Mission robots world for children
Robotics, coding, algorithms…

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like without inventions which have changed the course of history?

We believe that science is the most beautiful adventure which can really influence the surrounding reality.

What is robotics? … it’s a modern field which combines information technology, physics, mechanics and electronics engineering. It is considered to be the fastest developing field in the world. In practice, it is a robot construction and the animation of self-made device.

What are robotics classes for children?

What are robotics classes for children?

In practice, it is it is a robot construction and the animation of self-made device.

Children work in pairs and make fascinating and deeply engaging projects such as: mission to Mars, robot exiting a maze, line follower, pokemons – catch them all or sumo fights.

During the classes, kids use educational kits such as LEGO EV3 and RoboKids which include special microcomputers, engines, distance, sound, touch and color sensors.

What does a proprietary curriculum look

What does a proprietary curriculum look
10 years old experiments!

Each class= new project!

Projects are divided into:

  • introduction- topic presentation

  • robots construction– using bricks children create wonderful constructions, can fit engines, drivers and sensors. They work in groups and learn creative thinking and cooperation

  • coding- the most important part of the class! Through trial and error we program a robot so that it carries out the tasks, e.g. water search on a new planet

  • Games- the nicest part loved by children!

What after the class?

What after the class?
We continue playing and learning!

As part of RoboDo mission and programme children receive materials - a course book which they can use at home and continue their adventure with robotics.

Moreover, we collect points and exchange them for prizes! We carry out a space mission which aims to discover Robotics Galaxy. Children get the points for participation in classes, HomeDots and exercises on SQULA platform!

We motivate children through gamification!

Why is this so important?

Why is this so important?
Coding and logical thinking

There is a noticeable growing demand for professions which require knowledge of coding.

IT specialists and engineers are those who have the power to change the surrounding us world.

That is why ministries are more and more interested in the education of the youngest. Undoubtedly, robotics is one of the most dynamically growing and necessary industry branch.

Fun through learning seems to be the solution which can prepare children for the challenges of the 21st century.

Science – the life adventure

Science – the life adventure

We offer practical and creative classes which can help children learn faster at school. Thanks to the robots creation from scratch, children become more creative and resourceful which can be useful not only at school but also in an everyday life.


  • teach the basics of coding

  • develop visual- spatial abilities

  • teach how to order information and cooperate

  • build the basics of logical thinking

  • teach algorithms

  • aim at problem solving

RoboKids (5-7 years old)

RoboKids (5-7 years old)
Classes for the youngest!

Classes for the youngest constructors aged 5-7 who want to start their adventure with robotics. Perfect for those who love building and want to animate their own constructions!

We use kits designed by the youngest! No special abilities required, only the will to discover and have fun!

Bricks, coding through cards…check the details!

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (8-12 years old)

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (8-12 years old)
Classes for older learners

…during these workshops we go one level up and create robots using LEGO and code on computers!

We invite older children who start their adventure or those who have finished a RoboKids course.
…more advanced missions and fascinating constructions based on Star Wars theme or Martian missions!

Join a RoboDo mission!

Build-Code- Have fun